MASTERSAll our Masters are highly respected and very well educated in the field of yoga. Significantly, each master has personalized the practice to reflect his/her own studies and their classes reflect this dynamic quality.

Dr. Vincent has authored seven books on yoga:

1: Expressions of Yoga.
2: Yoga - Surya Namaskar.
3: Yoga For Women’s Beauty.
4: Yoga Therapy For Back Pain.
5: Yoga Therapy for Obesity.
6: Yoga Therapy for Diabetes.
7: Surya Yoga For Children.

Dr.Vincent Earth Kottayil embodies all that which yoga stands for. His work and life is the perfect union of knowledge, wisdom and spirituality; all combining to exude a person who is wise and learned while being calm and serene at all points of time. This ethereal sense of quietude has transcended into his teaching, giving his practice a spiritual vibe.

Learning valuable lessons of life by living close to nature, he is equally well versed in the professional field of yoga. He graduated from Calicut University. He completed M.Sc in yoga, Ph.D in yoga (specialised in Surya Namaskar) from the Annamalai University. He has also done M.Sc in psychology from Madras University. This gives him the perfect knowledge base to heal people physiologically and psychologically.

* His other certifications in Naturopathy and Yoga Therapy:

• Y.T.I.C (Yoga Therapy Instructors course, and D.Y.N (Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science) from S. Vyasa Yoga University ,Bangalore.
• P.G Diploma in yoga, Kavil Bhavan Yoga Physical Culture Institute, Kasaragod
• Y.T.T.C.(Yoga Teacher Training Course,) Swami Sivananda International Yoga Centre, Trivandrum.
• D.N.Y.S (Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science) All India Nature Cure Federation, Delhi.

* Published two research papers in International Journals.

His books have been received with great success and cater to all – whether an existing yoga teacher or aspiring to be one or even for someone who is just seeking to deepen ones understanding and practice of yoga.

Dr.Vincent’s deep understanding of the practice of yoga is seen illuminated in his writings. And it is this depth of his spirit which gives force to his gentle insistence that all human beings must look inside to find their own authentic expression of yoga.

With now almost three decades of experience in the field of yoga, Dr.Vincent is a much sought personality when it comes to discourses, lectures and even clarifications on various subjects of yoga.

Dr.Vincent lives a life rooted to the earth, very simple, almost like a hermit. And this sense of simplicity has percolated to his teachings and writings. He has a way of merging traditional wisdom with contemporary rigor and insight.

Dr.Nidhindas has yoga running in his veins!

Very early on in life, from pre-teens itself, there was a sense of draw to yoga and he decided then that he would be a yoga teacher, a yoga proponent; will be connected to yoga throughout his life. Maybe it was Sanchita Karma which influenced his present incarnation but the life of yoga and balance that he leads and exudes today is his Prarabdha.

He has in-depth knowledge of traditional yogic practices; very few yoga practitioners today practice and teach ‘Real’ yoga, that which remains true to the teachings of Sage Patanjali, unadulterated by the demands of today’s world.

Dr.Nidhindas graduated from Dr.MGR Medical University in Chennai, earning a degree of Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yoga Science (BNYS). It is a 5.5- years long undergraduate course in the field of Integrative Medicine that covers the study of both traditional Naturopathy Medicine and Modern Medicine. He fulfilled his passion to do M.Sc in Yoga from Tamil nadu Sports University. He also worked as a Medical Officer in MAGJ Institute for Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences at Kochi, gaining a treasure trove of practical, hands-on experience.

Early in his childhood he gathered knowledge in ‘Tantra and Mantras’, Sreenath Namboothiri his Guru being his father Vasudevan Namboothiri, a traditional priest in a temple.

He learned Yoga, Yoga therapy and Reiki healing from the traditional spiritual Gurus. His formal education B.Sc (Yoga Therapy) from the renowned S-VYASA YOGA UNIVERSITY Now for your wellness we bring his unique Yogic and Healing power to Vedic Yoga, BurDubai, Dubai.

Yoga has been in her family for generations. Her grandfather was a yogi and her mother is a professional yoga teacher. She learned yoga from childhood. After her graduation, she dedicated herself to yoga and acupressure teachniques. She qualified from S. Vyasa Yoga University, as well as Shivanda, M.S University, yoga Niketan, India. Devanshee is well experienced in weight loss yoga training and therapeutic yoga

Devanshee is well experienced in weight loss yoga training and therapeutic yoga.