Stress Management for Business Executives

A scientific and innovative stress management programme SMET based on Indian philosophy and developed by Dr H.R. Nagendra former NASA Scientist and Chancellor SVYASA Yoga University Bangalore

Mind is invisible, intangible and not seen anywhere, but its magnitude is immeasurable .The tension and stress never go hand in hand with accuracy and efficiency. If stress is a reality in corporate life, Vedic yoga comes up with a coping strategy to overcome the stress and regain the balance. In the pursuit of profit maximization and exposing to the high speed competitive business environment, employees as well as employers have been loaded with series of stress reactions which in turn percolates as psychosomatic diseases like hypertension, migraine, CHD, ulcers, IBS, diabetic and many more. The accumulated stress ought to be managed not only for improving the efficiency and accuracy of the employees but also for keeping the life threatening diseases at bay. Here Vedic yoga brings up the most scientific and innovative solution for managing the stress exclusively for the business executives.


Duration 3 sessions of 90 minutes each
Each session with 30 mts theory and 60 mts practical
Group One group consists maximum of 15 persons
Venue Vedic Yoga Centre or at your place
Content Theory
Stress concept/ Physiology of stress/Pathogenesis of stress
Yogic concept of stress/Yogic Management of stress
Cyclic meditation with series of relaxations and stimulations Relaxation series with IRT, QRT and DRT Instant relaxation techniques, Quick relaxation techniques and Deep relaxation techniques Stimulation series with Tadasana, Ardhakadi Chakrasa, Pada Hathasana, Ardha Chakrasana, Vajrasana, Sasankasana, Ushtrasana
Conducted by Dr. Biju Lona M.Phil., Ph.D. (Eminent and well qualified Professor in yoga and meditation)
Assisted by Vincent Earth M.Sc. Yoga, Ph.D. Scholar Yoga ( Well experienced yoga teacher who authored five yoga books published by DC Books )