Back and Neck Yoga

Backache and neck ache are common disorders today. It is estimated that between 50 and 60% of the population will suffer from an incident of acute or more long-term back pan and neck pain at some stage of life.

Despite magnitude of the problem, a simple effective cure for backache has proven elusive to modern medical science. Yoga offers a simple, effective and permanent cure for back pain and neck pain sufferers who have resigned themselves to a life of pain with in a few days or weeks after adopting a simple daily yoga program.

Yoga for Back Pain & Neck Pain
Why is Back pain and neck pain and neck pain becoming more and more common in modern man ?
There are four major factors that go with the modern life style, responsible for this increasing problem at back pain and neck pain.

a) Muscles are weaker than our ancestors.
b) Wrong muscles are overworks
c) Repeated injuries due to improper and unhabituated exercises.
d) Psychological stress
e) Postural defects

Organic Causes
Injuries, infections, tumors, degeneration changes etc.
Prevention is better than Cure

1. Awareness and correction of postures while standing, sitting and lying down.
2. Regular yoga practices, micro exercises yoga asanas, deep relaxation, pramayam and meditation.
3. Keep balanced nutrition
4. Stress management