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To Know the Power with in

The power of concentration

The power of positive thought

The power of imagination

The power of discipline

The power of positive health

ACCORDING to the vedantic view, the fundamental reality constituting the human being as well as the universe is consciousness . All energy ,dynamism or power comes from consciousness. Absolute consciousness is the nature that is absolute power. There for nature power within the mind is generally called consciousness. For deeper understanding, the power of consciousness is divided in the following way.

1. The power of identification
2. The power of concentration
3. Power of thought power of faith
4. Power of imagination

1. Power of Identification

Power of identification means, identify our own egos and get out of it because so long as we are shut up in our ego, we cannot make any progress in life. Human beings themselves sense their limitations and think that in to grow, increase or even survive, they need to take things from outside instead of ego.

2.The power of concentration

It is the power by the gathering back of thought into itself that one must draw one self back into the real. By concentration on anything whatsoever we are able to know that thing, To make it deliver up its concealed secrets. This power to know must be used to know not things, but the thing- in- itself. There is a way of reducing the time necessary for doing things by increasing the concentration considerably. Some people can't do this for long as it tires them .But, one cant accustomed to it by practice.

3. . Power of thought

Human thought is very creative in the mental world. Whenever people think, that thoughts are creating forms and send them by the people out into the atmosphere . Thoughts are forms and have an individual life, which is sent out in to the world by the thinker and the thoughts move in it towards the realization of their own purpose of existence.

4.Power of Faith

Faith is the most direct expression of the divine poser which comes to fight and conquer .therefore it is known as trust . It implies that if you have confidence. It gives us success and power. Faith is like a door suddenly opening upon an eternal truth, through which we can see it and almost touch it

4. Power of Imagination

Imagination is the ability to crate or form mental images, or the ability to spontaneously generate images within ones own mind, imagination is also the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the five senses(visual, hearing touch, smell and taste)or never before wholly perceived in this material world. Imagination is the power of formation. In fact, people who have no imagination are not formative from the mental point of view and they cannot give concrete power to their thought. Imagination is a very powerful means of action. The power of imagination is incredible and can make wonder. It is the ability to the mind to build mental scenes, objects or events that do not exist , are not present or have happened in the past, imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside the mind. It gives the ability to look at any situation from a different point view, and enables one to mentally explore the past and future