Welcome toVEDIC YOGA

Vedic Yoga – a traditional school of yoga, that illustrate the extract of the scheme of yoga focussing on the traditional culture and scientific theory and practice, assembling the values and principles by time – test methods developed by Swami Vivekananda Yoga University (S. Vyasa) a world renowned yoga university backed up by 45 years experience in yoga research.

Our masters are professionally qualified and experienced from Swami Vivekananda Yoga University.

Vedic yoga has been functioning from 2010 in Dubai. We have trained around 10000 members so far in Dubai through group, personal and corporate training.

Our experience says:

Yoga is good for all, but we should practice it according to our physical, physiological and psychological condition. Then only yoga provides amazing result, we train yoga with physical, breathing and mind awareness.


The “Union” sounds very lofty and even sublime but through our Vedic Yoga Method we show how regular practice and discipline in all facets of life can lead one very easily onto this path of Yoga.

At the Vedic Yoga, all masters follow the time -tested methods developed by the S. VYASA YOGA UNIVERSITY (formerly Indian yoga institute). This is a globally recognized university backed up by 45 years of experience in yoga research and with innumerable research papers published in international medical journals to its credit.

The training is imparted to all the patrons keeping a focus on these eight stages of Raja Yoga

Yama –
Social discipline
Niyama -
Self discipline
Asana –
Physical posture
Pranayama –
Regulate the breath
Prathyahara –
Withdrawal of senses
Dharana –
Dhyana –
Samadhi –
Super consciousness