Dr. Nidhin Das

master-nidhin-dasDr. Nidhin Das has yoga running in his veins!

Very early in his life, from pre-teens itself, there was a sense of draw to yoga and he decided than that he would be yoga teacher, a yoga proponent; will be connected to yoga throughout his life. Maybe it was Sanchita karma which influenced his present incarnation but the life of yoga and balance that he leads and exudes today in his Prarabdha.

He has in-depth knowledge of traditional yoga practices which remains true to the teachings of sage Patanjali, unadulterated by the demands of today’s world.

Dr. Nidhin Das graduated from Dr. MGR Medical University in Chennai, gained a degree of Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Science (BNYS). It is a 5.5- years long undergraduate course in the field of Integrative Medicine that covers the study of both traditional Naturopathy Medicine and Modern Medicine. He fulfilled his passion to do M.Sc. in yoga from Tamil Nadu sports University. He also worked as a Medical Officer in MAGJ Institute for Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences at Kochi, gaining a treasure trove of practical, hands-on experience past 3 years working in Vedic yoga.