Dr. Vincent Earth Kottayil

M.Sc (Psy) | M.Sc, Ph.D (Yoga)
Serving in Vedic yoga from last 10 years


A learner, practitioner and Master of yoga for the past 23 years; that, in short is Dr. Vincent Earth Kottayil.

His work and life is the perfect union of knowledge, wisdom and spirituality, creating a perfectly balanced individual, who is wise and learned while being calm and serene at all points of time. This sense of peace has percolated into his teachings, giving his practice a spiritual vibe.

To satisfy his innate inclination to natural life and spirituality. He started study with Yoga Acharya Raman Master in GuruKul system, later he studies in various reputed yoga institution in India for instance Y.T.I.C (Yoga Therapy Instructors course, and D.Y.N (Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science) from S. Vyasa Yoga University, Y.T.T.C. (Yoga Teacher Training Course,) Swami Sivananda International Yoga Vedanta Centre D.N.Y.S (Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science) All India Nature Cure Federation.

DOC-3Learning valuable lessons of life by living close to nature, he is equally well versed in the professional field of Yoga. He graduated from Calicut University. He completed M.Sc. in yoga and Ph.D. in yoga from the Annamalai University. He has also done M.Sc. in psychology from Madras University making him the perfect healer, physiologically and psychologically.

Dr. Vincent has published two Research papers in International Research Journals. He has a Doctorate in Surya Namaskar, recognized as a thesis of excellence after his 5 years of rigorous research and reading scores of ancient scriptures. His practice of Surya Namaskar is not just on the physical level but urges you to seek the spiritual aspect too.

Dr. Vincent’s Doctorate, on the different levels of Surya Namaskar is based on the Panchamaya Kosa Philosophy as prescribed in the Taittiriya Upanishad. He recognized the relationship between Panchamaya kosa and Surya Namaskar, which can be used to balance, harmonies every sheath or kosa through proper practice, leading to physical, mental and spiritual fitness.

He is a reputed name in the field of yoga, especially when it comes to Surya Namaskar and meditation. His knowledge is today so intense that he is often called to speak on reputed forums of yoga, meditation and Surya Namaskar.

His journey and training under some rishis in the Himalayas changed the way he looked at yoga forever. For him, yoga is not postures or asana; it is an inward journey, seeking answer to the eternal question of “Who am I?”

Dr. Vincent has authored Seven books. He is expressing his knowledge and vision by writing books since 2004 to till now. His books have been received with great success and cater to all-whether an existing yoga teacher or aspiring to be one or even for someone who is just seeking to understand the practice of yoga.

Dr. Vincent’s depth of knowledge is seen in the simplicity and it is this depth of his spirit, which urges all to look within and find their own authentic expression of yoga.

Through his life journey, Dr.Vincent, like a yoga lover has gathered a large repository of knowledge and he believes, this is the right time, through Science of Focus (Vedic Sublime Meditation) and Vedic Surya Namaskar, to spread this knowledge to as many aspirants as possible, to help create a vibrant and optimistic society, led by healthy, positive minded and successful professionals.

Many corporates, students, executives and professionals, who have experienced Dr.Vincent’s teaching say that it is almost transformational, helping change their outlook to life and work with great optimism, relieved stress, lowered anxiety pangs and insecurities.

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