Rekha Agrawal

master-rekhaRekha Agrawal freely admits her pursuit of dabbling with different fitness styles before discovering the joy and peace she was searching for in Yoga. She trained under world renowned yoga expert Baba Ramdev.

After having a mentor like Baba Ramdev, Rekha was inspired to spread the joy and serenity of Yoga to one and all. She completed her Diploma in Yoga from the Vidhya Gurukul, Nasik and became a certified yoga teachers training course (Y.T.T.C) from Yoga Institute, Mumbai. 

With over ten years of collective experience in India and Dubai, Rekha Agarwal possesses immense knowledge about Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga and weight loss yoga, she hopes to share her joy and love for Yoga with everyone. 

Come and discover the joys of being peacefully fit with a class of Rekha Agrawal.