In today’s world of Artificial Intelligence, robots, life enhancing medicines and technology, life has become easier to live but not simple Our grandparents and ancestors had neither Amazon nor Netflix or Apple. They lived a life without so much intrusion of technology, yet the life they led was of fulfilment, good health and overall growth.


Life is easy but has the quality improved? Are you happy? Are you stress free?

Pollution Index
Contaminated Water
Adulterated Food

Today, we lead a much luxurious life and think that our quality of life has improved. But has it really when the air we breathe is toxic, the food we eat is adulterated and even the homes we live in are unnatural. Life might have become ‘richer’ but our existence has become ‘poorer,’ with diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity slinging arms with ours as lifelong partners.

We cannot bring back the life that our ancestors lived in but we can surely bring back one aspect which can make our lives like theirs, even with these modern strappings. Yes, Surya Namaskara is the simplest and best way to rejuvenate our lives, bring back physical, mental and spiritual fitness and strengthen the harmony between man and nature.

Come, let’s go back to living life, with Vedic Surya Namaskar!

Conducted by Dr. Vincent Earth Kottayil.
M.Sc. Ph.D.( Yoga)
Workshop at Your office or Vedic yoga center.