nidhin das (3)Personal yoga training

Vedic Yoga also offers you the convenience of learning yoga in the confines of your own comfortable environment. Be it your home or gym or office, our trained masters can come, at a time chosen by you. These sessions are based purely on your needs.

This could be a one-to-one session or you could choose to include your family and friends. There are Lady yoga teachers for Ladies only session too.
Our well trained masters will work with you; develop a practice that is suitable to your need, based on the flexibility and agility of your body.

Why at home and office

One to one yoga training will make the fast change. yoga teachers can train yoga techniques accordingly to your physical condition in the best way.


Invite your teacher where you are and experience the power of yoga with your family members.

Time saving

Save your valuable time and our travel from your home to yoga center do more productive thing in your profession or business.

At office

Personal training is a solution for busy executives of modern time which can be practiced easily during the office break. To help them to relax and refresh with your friends and colleagues.


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