Yoga for children

“Explore the wonders of yoga”.

yoga for childrenYoga is an effective tool to improve the quality of consciousness through that we could expand our level of experiences beyond the mind sense. Improve your child’s concentration, memory power, creativity and imagination, clarity in thoughts discipline overall health.

Just like adults, children will derive immense benefits from learning yoga with us. Today’s children too have stress – pressure of studies, peer pressures, video games, multi-tasking, competitive sports. We assume that children do not look at these day-to-day hustle bustle activities as stressful but often they are. The fast paced life does have a profound effect on their innate sense of joy.

Yoga a teach children, right from a very young age the ability to cope up with all pressures of life with great equanimity. When children are taught self-health, relaxation, joys of inner fulfilment from early age, they will emerge as much better human beings. Yoga, apart from enhancing their flexibility and agility, will foster a sense of co-operation and compassion rather than opposition.

Come, get your children to learn yoga with us and this could be the greatest gift you give them for this lifetime!


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