Online Yoga

g3Covid-19 made tremendous changes in various sectors, one among them is “online studies”. Doing online yoga may have negligible disadvantages but a lot of advantages.

During this pandemic lots of people gained weight because of their lifestyle changes. But most of them were not knowing how to be active from home. Online yoga classes made them to achieve it. Because in terms of activity “something is better than nothing”.

Why online yoga


A great opportunity you can practice yoga anywhere you are. At home, office no need to leave your comfort zone for the purpose of yoga. This makes you active even during your business travel and vacations.

Time is precious

Save your valuable time and avoid the travel from your home to your center. During that time, you can do more productive things in your profession or business.

Connect to the group energy.

Nowadays we are more separated from gatherings, that itself leading as to stress and introvert nature. Doing online classes with a group of members will connect you with society and a good positive vibe can be maintaining that leads to regularity in practice to get complete benefits of yoga.


Online group classes

Sun, Tues and Thus at 7:05 am, 8:45 am, 6:15 pm
Sat, Mon and Wed at 5:00 pm, 7:20 pm

Online personal classes according to convenient time